A slight change of plans..

Well then…now it looks as though I will not be traveling to New Jersey this weekend to broadcast the Big East tournament. It came down to traveling costs and poor timing really. I was unable to leave with the team on Thursday morning since I have to meet with one of my teachers that day and MSN just didn’t want me to drive up there the following day. It was a matter of not wanting to pay for my gas and not wanting to be held responsible if something happened to me while I was driving.

I was a little upset about the whole ordeal but really its life and I can deal with it. Not to mention it totally opens up my weekend to get other things done around here. And it will give me another day for my story now. That is another thing that I am happy about as well.

What does kinda suck is that the crew they are sending to cover the women’s team this weekend at UConn. They are flying them up on Friday morning and paying for that costs. It does sound a little poor on their part but in a way it comes down to the women’s teams here getting the better treatment. I know UConn is further north than Rutgers but its still a little shady if you ask me. Again, oh well…there will be tournament games starting the following week I believe so I will have plenty of information on that, probably around this time next week. The brackets are released next Monday.

Hopefully both teams will be put in a situation that they will be home for a while in the tournaments. I think at least the men will be, but the women may have to travel some. So we will see.

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