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So as you may have listened or heard…or even read at this point the men’s and women’s teams have both advanced to the Big East semifinals for next weekend. I will be traveling to New Jersey to call the men’s games now. I am not a 100% sure when the game is on Friday but I will let everyone know so you all can be sure to tune in and listen to a big and important match!

The men play Rutgers, a team that they have yet to face this season. Rutgers will be at home and that has some people a little upset that the top seed in the tournament has to travel and play the number two seed on its homefield. Hey, that is just how it works, schools put up host bids for these tournaments and Rutgers is hosting it this time. Not biggie if you ask me. Marquette hosted the women’s tournament last year when many felt that they shouldn’t. Its just the lay of the land, that is all.

So a full week for me here with school and then traveling to New Jersey. I am excited though. I called my second game this season as play-by-play man last night. I felt things went alright, since it was only my third time doing it overall. Still, it was a blast to do and I am looking forward to doing more as the team goes on.

Now, the important thing coming up will be if the men get a host seed (a top 4 seed really) for the NCAA tournament. That would be HUGE. It would mainly mean that they would be home until the Final Four (if they were to advance that far). Homefield is huge and hopefully the men can earn it next weekend. I still believe they have every way of doing so.

As for the women, they advance to the semifinals as well in the Big East like I said. They should get a good seed for the women’s NCAA tournament as well. They should host a few games too. They may need to win the Big East tournament to get a chance to host like the men.

I think the men have put themselves in good position to get that top four seed as of last night. Not to mention, despite the weather, there was a pretty good crowd out there last night. If you didn’t listen, it was cold, rainy, sometimes snowing, and extremely windy. So windy at times the ball would get in the air and catch the wind and it would block it down. It was amazing to watch really.

Well, I will hopefully be back sometime this week with more updates on everything.

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