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National Media against WVU

(So, if you can’t tell I am ranting here about annoying people on message boards…I randomly go on message boards like bluegoldnews.com and read what the “people” have to say about current happenings in WVU sports. And right now everyone is moaning about the national media hating us, mainly Colin Cowherd of ESPN.)

Driving around Morgantown today I decided to tune from Ethel 47 on my XM dial to the good likes of ESPN 140…or just plain ol’ ESPN Radio.

I love ESPN Radio, and I listen to it probably the most out of anything that I listen to on my XM radio. I am a guy and obviously that is what I like to listen to and hear about. The show on ESPN Radio at that time is a nationally syndicated show called The Herd with Colin Cowherd. Yes, that is his name, Cowherd. I laugh when I hear it sometimes too, don’t you even worry. Cowherd is a huge football guy and to me he knows his stuff when it comes to the sport. Sure he is a west-coach homer and he does love a little much on the SEC. But, you know what? He typically has a good point, even if it is negative toward WVU.

Colin was having a fruitful discussion on college football like he normally does any time of the year. Usually when the conversation starts up and the questions roll in about WVU he typically “hates” on the school and how good/bad the Mountaineers really are. I laugh at it really because for the most part he has a truthful opinion on the schedule that WVU is playing this season. Cowherd said something on the line that if Ohio State wins out, if WVU wins out and if a Florida only has one loss that he would have no problem arguing and doing everything he could to make the national title game a Florida-OSU game.

It’s a legitimate argument. Mainly that he says if Florida loses this weekend in a close game on the road at Auburn and wins out that he wouldn’t want to see an undefeated WVU or Louisville team in the national title game.

And oddly I agree. It would seriously be bad television if that were the case. Mainly since I feel that we would be mobbed if we even played OSU in a game this year…I am not saying they are the best team in the country but they are good enough to take WVU down that is for sure.

Now I am a WVU homer like the rest here in Morgantown. I am, and I usually defend the naysayers of this team but Cowherd presents a good point about WVU, the schedule is weak. Marshall, Eastern Washington and teams like that aren’t doing us any favors right now in their own play is killing our out of conference schedule. Not to mention our conference schedule is still pretty weak. Pitt and Syracuse are still on the rebound, South Florida, UConn and Cincinnati are question marks each year, Rutgers and Louisville are good but we honestly don’t know how good.

One caller on the show was from California and was actually a WVU graduate and he probably presented the best case to make a “hater” (as some people on the wonderful message boards around here say) like Cowherd even respect us. I loved his point that the schedule is weak and that Slaton needs more love on the air and that Rich Rod is doing a decent job.

Really, to me that is all WVU need on the air. Slaton is a hell of an athlete and player and Coach Rod is doing a good job. Not to mention WVU just needs to keep winning and the harp and hate against the school will slowly side away. People can’t really argue with W’s all across the board, even if some are weak.

I say to people on the message boards that complain and moan about the anti-WVU sentiments on air, calm down…its only a freakin’ game.

WVU, if they win out will be fine and will at least make a BCS game again this year. To me, that is what is important. Win the Big East and let the rest settle itself. WVU silenced a lot of people last year in the Sugar Bowl and they can do it again this year. It may not be in the national title game but it will be in some BCS game if the team just does what it has to do and that is just win.

More than likely, this article could turn into a weekly installment until the season ends. And I will probably return soon to present my break down of the current state in college football…

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