The coming week…

Not to many games in the coming week. There will be one Wednesday night that will be for the men’s team. They will play American at 7 pm.

There are two ladies games this coming weekend but I will be taking the weekend off thanks to a visit from my girlfriend Becca. You can still tune into the games because I will have a suitable replacement in those two games on Friday and Sunday.

For those who tried to listen to this past Wednesday’s game, there was a bad thunder storm in the area that caused the game to be canceled. It will be made up later on this month on the 23rd. That is a Monday for those keeping score at home. If things play out for the men’s team they may not even have to play that game but as always I will let you know about it when that time comes around.

Continue checking out my new photo page, I added loads of photos this weekend to it. Some new, and some old. So enjoy!

And yes, I changed the look of this place once again…I felt it was time for a good look for the fall season. So maybe I will stick with this one for a little while than the others.

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