Last weekend before school

I have to say it stinks that summer is really over here and that I have totally gone away from posting stuff on here that I kept meaning to post. Don’t worry, I will eventually figure out what I want to do with 30 soccer photos from various soccer games that I went to. I figured I would save time and space with not posting all of those photos anyways.

But getting back to the busniess at hand.

School begins on Monday here in the University City. I have two classes (one in the morning and the other in the early evening). Then to kick the year off there is Fall Fest. Past years WVU has done well with getting solid music to kick off the school year but really the last two years have been pathetic in my eyes. I didn’t go last year and I am wondering if I will even show up this year for it. I would like to see The Roots that’s all really.

My other days this week for class (and that of the rest of the semester really) are three classes on Tuesday and Thursday and one on wednesday mornings. As usual, no Friday classes though I should have work. Speaking of work, I have not found out about my WVUF internship that I had last year for this school year. I should find out either way this week. That would definitely take up dead space on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Now, as for U92 work and soccer games. I should get the season pass for the soccer games sometime in the coming week since the first game is this coming FRIDAY at 730 pm. We should go on air at 7 or so I would think. I will post more information about the games as they come up. So keep checking back here for games and how to listen. For U92 stuff, I should have my normal Friday shift in the afternoons. Again, I will keep everyone posted on that information. Same goes for when I will appear on the SportsPage on Friday nights. I am sorry that I forgot to inform you all about me being back on the ‘Page this past Friday.

I honestly hope to do some good things with this site in the coming months. I  really hope to take more photos of things I do and see this year. So hopefully I can figure out a way to post photos in an easy manner for your viewing pleasure.

Ah….in a way it is nice to be back but I do miss summer already.

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