Fall Soccer

Most of you who read this know I called soccer games this past fall for both the men and women’s teams here at WVU. Today, my broadcast partner and myself met with the people at MSN (the media folk who control most of the sports at school) to see if we could come back in the fall. Of course we are signed up again for them. They loved our work last year even though our main problems were techincal. Thankfully those tech issues seem to be handled for this coming season. That is a great thing really.

How many games will I be doing this fall is a question. Last year I didn’t work nearly as many as I wanted to due to school and other issues. Not to mention both the men and women were home for only 14 games. This year they are home for a combined 21 (it helps that the women’s coach is about to have a baby, so they will be home a lot). Yes, 21 homes games, plus the possible Big East tournament games and NCAA games. Which will be great!

Of course I will let you all know details on how to listen to those games when they come up.

It was nice to square away that issue before I leave for the summer and I believe the head of MSN was quite impressed about where I am working this summer. Now to finish an exam tomorrow and pack up. I should…should be in Beckley on Thursday sometime. We will see.

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