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Back to school

Break is over and now it is back to school. I’ve got a nice little week here to with one exam, a paper, and a package due in my classes. Should be an interesting week. Crazy to think that there are only six more weeks or so left in this semester. Its scary but fun to think that really. I will probably contact FC Dallas again this week about this summer…probably just give them an updated resume and all to remind them that I would like a job there. Sometimes simple reminders do the trick.

I also register for classes next week. Hard to believe it is already time for that. I think I am only going to take 12 hours again. Mainly because I know my broadcasting class will be a pain and I know I will be busy with soccer as well. I plan to be traveling more with radio next school year with soccer or basketball so I need a light load for each semester. Plus, I don’t exactly have a lot left to take, so that is nice.

I hope to figure out why my WVU photos aren’t working. So hopefully sometime this week I can sit down and look at it and figure it out. I also want to add a thing or two on here if I can. I just haven’t figured out what I want to add and where. Again, the amount of time that I have to do that will figure in to whether or not I get anything done with it around here.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen or heard…WVU is back in the sweet 16. They play at 9:40 on Thursday against Texas. A little pay back match if you ask me. We should have won that game earlier in the year so hopefully we will this time. I think its possible. Another trip to the Elite 8 is in the sights but sweet 16 isn’t shabby either.

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