love this time of the year

For one the weather is starting to turn good…even though I hear it will get nasty again this weekend with possible snow…but hey its West Virginia and that wouldn’t surprise me one bit to go from 70s and sun to 30s and snow in a matter of a day. I have seen it time and time again.

Secondly, its March Madness time baby! I love it. The pools are filling up with brackets and what not and I haven’t even picked winners yet. I honestly don’t plan on doing it until tomorrow or even Wednesday. I just want to hold off for a day or so and let this bracket sink in with me here. Its a tough one this year but I think its a do-able bracket. I heard today that the odds of picking all the games correct is greater than winning the Powerball. Seriously, you have a better shot at the Powerball than at getting all of the games right. How crazy is that?!

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  1. katie
    katie says:

    yes, i do want to do a bracket! i think that would be fun 🙂 i did pretty well last year, didnt i? i definitely think i could kick your butt this year, even though i am all the way over here. set it up!


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