Sorry for the troubles…Maybe next time

Sometimes you can’t do a thing when it comes to computer problems. I know many of you tried to listen to me tonight call the women’s game against Notre Dame but the connection was in and out. It happens more than it should at U92, but at least you tried to listen and for that I thank you greatly.

WVU ended up losing in a pathetic display of heart in the second half by most of the WVU players. Its sad to think that this team could very well not make the Big East tournament in the women’s side of things. Hard to believe when we began the year with great hope but inconsistant play will kill you more and more over time and this young team has found that out the tough way. Not to mention the best player on the team going down with 10 games or so to go never helpes.

That will probably do it for me doing women’s game this year…no post season in real sight other than maybe the Big East tournament. Baseball is next at our station…I honestly have no idea how much I will work those games. I’d like to say some but again real hard to tell at this point. I am starting to look more foward to soccer season here every day. I miss doing those games and watching those teams, even if they aren’t playing well. Yeah I am still a soccer geek at heart and I don’t even care.

Thankfully now this week if half over and I can focus on school and other things. I currently need to find some story ideas for my broadcasting class which is easier said than done at this point. I will do my best as always.

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