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Happy 06 everyone…its nice to be back from my little trip to the Sugar Bowl.

I believe I caught up on my sleep that I missed while I was gone today by getting to sleep in and actually feel okay about that. Usually I don’t like sleeping in too long because I will feel my day has been wasted if I do but for once I slept in and felt okay by that.

First off, the Sugar Bowl was a trip that was well worth it. The highs and lows of the game were there but it was an amazing atmosphere and experience all in one. I wouldn’t have traded that for anything I believe. It truely was something I will never forget doing. I still can’t believe I went to the game really…the friends I was with during the trip and the game all felt the same…it was like a crazy dream!

But now its back to the real-ness of Morgantown for a few days before the new semester kicks up and gets going here. Hard to believe Monday is the new semester…and its hard to believe that I actually have class on Monday again this semester. It will be good though, I know that. It will be nice though to rest up here until then, right now people are sloooowwly getting back into town, which kinda sucks in a way because Morgantown is kinda nice without everyone here but it will be back to business this weekend I am sure.

I just wish my freakin’ refund check would make it here. You’d think 5 days or so before the semester it would come. I just hope they didn’t mess up and send it to my old address like they did last semester. They shouldn’t though, because they do have my current address on file so hopefully I won’t have to worry about that. We will see though…

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