Sunday Stew

Finally got some photos here. I’m only gonna post a couple here today since I am working with a new program for photos on my web site here. Enjoy.


Standing beside the Joe Pa. statue in Penn State. This was during my little trip to State College, PA with the women’s soccer team  for their two NCAA tournament games against Hofstra and Penn State. Sadly the ladies lost against Penn State in the second round. At least they lost to a team that made it to the final four.  


Nothing like sneaking a camera on the field for a game. This was during the Pitt-WVU game on  Turkey Day. A good time was had by all even though it was 5 degrees out! Yeah, it was real cold…and that field was like ice.



Yes, this is what you have to do when no one is in Morgantown. Hang out with other people that don’t leave Morgantown during breaks. Ah, this is me, Tommy Bane, and Sean "Big Daddy" Merinar at Amanda McCall’s apartment during Thanksgiving break. Yes, those are Amanda’s hats, and yes Tommy is very drunk. Some how he thought he was drinking scotch when it turned out it was Canadian Wiskey. Yuck.

Me and Merinar wore the hats around for a while once we got there that night. The hat doesn’t work for me but for Merinar it just fit. He is good like that I guess…but yeah it was a fun night with a few friends that didn’t go home like me for Thanksgiving.


Okay that’s all I will give ya for now. Hope you can wait for more, whenever that will be! haha Those who know me I don’t get in front of the camera too much these days, this was a rear thing having a camera for once on me. I will thank Michael Minnich for that one, he talked me into the camera when we were in Penn State.

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